Our Trustees

The Board has ten Trustees, elected or re-elected at our Annual General Meetings, who form a Board of Trustees to undertake the day-to-day management of the Association. The Board itself elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from among its number. These Offices are currently held by Kevin Mahon – Chair; George Bardwell – Vice Chair; Larraine Solomon – Secretary; and Anita Manek – Treasurer.

Our Board Members are:

Kevin Mahon


Elected as Trustee in 2018 and Chair in 2021

A proud Scouser, Kevin set up home in Harrow in 1974. Having married Gretta in 1976, they raised a family of two boys, Keiran and Laurie, and became patients at the Pinn Practice when the team of GPs held their surgery in Northumberland Road in North Harrow.

Now retired, Kevin followed much of advice he was given – he has undertaken some travel, learned to play a musical instrument, joined a choir, become a better gardener and a better cook and has undertaken some voluntary work - since 2012 volunteering as a driver for the Pinn Medical Centre taking patients to the surgery or to the local hospitals as required.

Kevin is now retired from his work as a Headteacher, a senior Education Consultant, and an inspector of schools and local authorities in the safeguarding of children. He has a strong CV in delivering excellent work in a range of schools both locally and across the south-east. He has taught in every sort of secondary school it is possible to have done so – small and large, single-site and split-site, Grammar and Comprehensive, single-sex and mixed, faith school and secular, State school and Trust school, independent school and Academy and as a Consultant Headteacher in a Free school. He understands the relationship of how to establish and maintain excellent provision of a public service in the crucible of meeting seemingly endless need with limited resources.

Kevin looks forward to the challenging work of joining the Board of Trustees at the Pinn Medical Centre Patients’ Association and sees it as an extension of the important need to give back to the community a little of the support and help he has enjoyed by being a patient at the Pinn and by simply enjoying the benefits of living in Harrow over the last 44 years and counting.

    George Bardwell

    Vice Chair

    Elected as Trustee in 2016 and Vice Chair in 2021

    George moved to Pinner with his wife and four children in the mid-seventies and has always been an enthusiastic supporter of the NHS in general and the Pinn Medical Centre in particular. Much of his working life was spent in the civil service in the Department of Health, where he worked on NHS funding; on professional matters and pay for physiotherapists, radiographers and other health professionals; and on health policy for elderly people. On leaving the civil service he pursued a second career in management consultancy in the reform of public administration – the great majority of which was spent in Eastern Europe and in developing countries in Africa. George was secretary
    of the Pinn Medical Centre Patients’ Association from 2016 to 2021.

      Larraine Solomon


      Elected as a Trustee and Secretary in 2021

      Larraine has many years of experience as a communications and change leader in large global organisations. She specialises in helping leaders and employees to connect with each other, develop meaningful dialogue and achieve significantly better business results.

      Larraine has held senior global positions at Monster, Thomson Reuters, HMRC and Lloyds Bank as well as leading consultancy organisations. She has experience working with two prominent charities, and over recent months has been helping companies to find new ways to be successful following Covid-19.

      Larraine is a long term resident of Pinner, and is married with two children. Meeting new people, coaching people from diverse backgrounds and public speaking are some of the most rewarding aspects of her career and she hopes to use these skills to benefit Pinn Medical Centre patients.

        Anita Manek


        Elected as a Trustee in 2018

        Anita is a fully qualified accountant with over fifteen years of finance experience in the public sector advising multiple stakeholders, both national and international, on a range of matters including financial management, audit, risk management, accounting policy, governance issues, project management, value for money, IT systems implementation and solution design. Her career started at Deloitte (an international accountancy and consultancy firm) where she trained as a professional accountant and was exposed to accounting and tax complexities in various industries.

        Anita has wide ranging management experience across the key business functions with particular expertise in strategic finance, organisational change, corporate governance, risk management, digital transformation and international development.

        Connecting and engaging with people from diverse backgrounds continues to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of Anita’s career. She hopes to build on this at the PMCPA and, coupled with her professional experience, work with the members to serve our patient population. On the personal front, Anita is married and has two children.

          Jayant Doshi

          Elected as a Trustee in 2021

          Born in Kenya, I started work at young age but later studied at home and acquired two degrees. I moved to London in 1968 and started my own business. I have moved house several times and moved to Pinner three years back.

          I have four daughters and four grandchildren. I complete 55 years of married life this year. I retired in 2001 and did a lot of travelling (including trekking) and followed several sports activities. I have been keeping myself busy with lots of activities but at the same time
          devoting some time to community service work.  I did seven treks in Himalayas and two in Africa – and the high lights were Everest Base and Mt Kilimanjaro.

          I had severe back pain 40 years back and doctors told me it will be for life. However, I took up yoga and cured my back pain. I started a charity organisation for senior citizens and my aim was to encourage members to learn yoga and keep themselves healthy and active.
          Many members, especially single ones, and others who hesitate to go away on holidays appreciate holidays we plan and so many members join with lots of joy and enthusiasm. Last year we had a five-day holiday where two hundred members took part.

          I joined as a volunteer driver for PMCPA.  I had to stop doing it because of the pandemic, but a few times I did volunteering it gave me great joy and satisfaction. I am hoping to be doing that work once we come of the present crisis.

          I am hoping to be of help - in whatever way I can be – as part of the Board of Trustees of PMCPA.

            Martin Grossman

            Elected as Trustee in 2018

            Martin moved to Pinner with his wife and young family in the mid-1980s and they immediately registered as patients at the Pinn.

            Professionally qualified as a Graduate Electronics Engineer, being a “people person”, Martin has spent the majority of his working life in a variety of Sales and Marketing roles within the UK Electro-Technical Industry. For the last few years, Martin has worked for a UK based Semiconductor manufacturer that designs and supplies components into the global communications markets. He is currently responsible for the company’s activities in the UK and most of Western Europe and spends a significant amount of time travelling around these areas.

            Outside of his working life, Martin has always liked to get involved in other activities, particularly in the local community. For many years, he was associated with Heathfield School Pinner; initially chairing the local group of a nationwide campaign to raise money for bursaries. He later joined the PTA eventually becoming Chairman. Once his daughters had completed their time at the School, he was invited to become a Governor of the school and was Chairman of Governors at the time Heathfield amalgamated with Northwood College.

            Martin has also been an active member of Pinner Synagogue and held a number of senior management roles within the voluntary management of the Synagogue. These include chairman of the children’s’ education team and for many years, a member of the Synagogue Senior Executive Team. He also represents the Synagogue on the governing body of the umbrella organisation to which the Synagogue belongs.

            Martin’s other interests include many sports (active and passive participation), current affairs and travel.

            Martin is looking forward to making a positive contribution to the growth and continued success of the PMCPA.

              Nicky Heskin

              Elected as Trustee in 2016

              Nicky is a veteran marketeer with over thirty years experience in the entertainment industry spanning music, computer games, video and latterly the lm sector where she is currently Head of Creative Servicing at an international lm distribution company. Her strengths include post-production, production and process planning, communication and marketing.  She is a long-time resident of Pinner, a mother of two teenage children and has previous charity experience over the course of ten years, latterly as the Chair of the Parent Teacher Association at a Harrow primary school. This particular role focussed heavily on fund raising for the school whilst bringing the school and wider community together. She hopes to bring her marketing and communication skills to the PMCPA, particularly in the areas of fundraising, recruiting new members to the association and patient engagement.

                Aryan Jain

                Elected as a Trustee in 2021

                Aryan is an undergraduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) studying Economics. He enjoys reading and engaging on a variety of topics in particular healthcare and immigration policy along with financial markets.

                Aryan has experience setting up and running his own education consultancy publishing academic materials under the brand, as well as running an international online publication as Editor-in-Chief.

                Aryan has lived in Pinner for just over 7 years and has been a member of the Pinn Medical Centre ever since he was 11, he aims to use his different perspective on the service to maximise the utility of the PMC for its constituents.

                  Phillip Snell

                  Elected as Trustee in 2016

                  Phillip has had a long career in education and was a head for almost twenty years including a range of additional responsibilities as an Assessor and tutor for NPQH, a member of the London Recognition Panel for Investors in People, a graduate of Common Purpose, a member of LB Brent Education Committee and a Governor and now Hon. Fellow of the University of Westminster. His varied interests included membership of Central Middlesex Relate, Council and National Executive member of the Secondary Heads Association and Chairman of the British Association for Local History. Local involvement included membership of the Parochial Church Council of St. John the Baptist (Pinner) and he is currently a member of the Management Board of the West House and William Heath Robinson Museum Trust. He is particularly interested in the systems used for transferring patient records between hospitals and the PMC and how these can be best coordinated.

                    Jenny Stephany

                    Elected as Trustee in 2018

                    Jenny has lived in Pinner for 25 years taking an interest in local issues and a member of the Pinner Association. She is left handed which may have contributed to her successful work in creative transformation! She has worked in and with the NHS and mainly in North West London. She now has an active interest and involvement in community based support to sustain the human/companion animal relationship for mutual benefit (and shares her home with three rescue cats).

                    Although no longer working in the NHS she is a lay partner for North West London and has been involved in several working groups – providing lay patient input to help shape healthcare services to align more closely with patient needs. She has a special interest in facilitating health awareness events, chronic healthcare needs (including those of carers) and the potential of social prescribing. As a Trustee for PMCPA Jenny hopes to contribute to these patient related areas, (as well as to bring her previous experience as a Trustee for a faith organisation).

                      Code of Conduct

                      Our Trustees have each signed a Code of Conduct form setting out the way in which they are expected to carry out their responsibilities.

                      Recruitment and Selection Policy

                      Our Constitution provides for various ways in which Trustees can be nominated to sit on the Board of Trustees, following election at a General Meeting. When the Board decides that it would be appropriate to hold a recruitment and selection exercise to identify suitable Trustees it will adopt the following Recruitment and Selection Policy – which is itself derived from the Constitution.

                      Job Descriptions

                      A Job Description for each of the Officers, and the Trustees is included below: