Our Trustees

The Board has seven Trustees, elected or re-elected at our Annual General Meetings, who form a Board of Trustees to undertake the day-to-day management of the Association. The board itself elects a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from among its number.

The Trustees and Officers are currently Kevin Mahon, our Chair; Larraine Solomon, Secretary; Anita Manek, Treasurer; and Martin Grossman, Nicky Heskin, Phillip Snell and Jenny Stephany, Trustees. Their pen pictures are set out below.

Kevin Mahon (Chair)

Elected as Trustee in 2018 and Chair in 2021 A proud Scouser, Kevin set up home in Harrow in 1974. Having married Gretta in 1976, they raised a family of two boys, Keiran and Laurie, and became patients at the Pinn Practice when the team of GPs held their surgery...

Anita Manek (Treasurer)

Elected as a Trustee in 2018 and Treasurer in 2020 Anita is a fully qualified accountant with over fifteen years of finance experience in the public sector advising multiple stakeholders, both national and international, on a range of matters including financial management, audit, risk management, accounting policy, governance issues, project...

Code of Conduct

Our Trustees have each signed a Code of Conduct form setting out the way in which they are expected to carry out their responsibilities.

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Our Constitution provides for various ways in which Trustees can be nominated to sit on the Board of Trustees, following election at a General Meeting. When the Board decides that it would be appropriate to hold a recruitment and selection exercise to identify suitable Trustees it will adopt the following Recruitment and Selection Policy – which is itself derived from the Constitution.

Job Descriptions

A Job Description for each of the Officers, and the Trustees is included below: