Kevin Mahon (Chair)

Elected as Trustee in 2018 and Chair in 2021

A proud Scouser, Kevin set up home in Harrow in 1974. Having married Gretta in 1976, they raised a family of two boys, Keiran and Laurie, and became patients at the Pinn Practice when the team of GPs held their surgery in Northumberland Road in North Harrow.

Now retired, Kevin followed much of advice he was given – he has undertaken some travel, learned to play a musical instrument, joined a choir, become a better gardener and a better cook and has undertaken some voluntary work – since 2012 volunteering as a driver for the Pinn Medical Centre taking patients to the surgery or to the local hospitals as required.

Kevin is now retired from his work as a Headteacher, a senior Education Consultant, and an inspector of schools and local authorities in the safeguarding of children. He has a strong CV in delivering excellent work in a range of schools both locally and across the south-east. He has taught in every sort of secondary school it is possible to have done so – small and large, single-site and split-site, Grammar and Comprehensive, single-sex and mixed, faith school and secular, State school and Trust school, independent school and Academy and as a Consultant Headteacher in a Free school. He understands the relationship of how to establish and maintain excellent provision of a public service in the crucible of meeting seemingly endless need with limited resources.

Kevin looks forward to the challenging work of joining the Board of Trustees at the Pinn Medical Centre Patients’ Association and sees it as an extension of the important need to give back to the community a little of the support and help he has enjoyed by being a patient at the Pinn and by simply enjoying the
benefits of living in Harrow over the last 44 years and counting.