2020 AGM Agenda


Pinn Medical Centre Patients’ Association (PMCPA)
Registered Charity No. 1095260

Annual General Meeting


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1   Introduction

2   Welcome and Minutes of 2019 AGM 

2a   Matters arising

3    Guest Speaker – David Simmonds MP for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner

4   PMCPA Constitution (George Bardwell – AGM Paper 1)

5   Election of Trustees (Joanne Daswani – AGM Paper 2)

Jayant Doshi, Aryan Jain and Larraine Solomon are recommended by the Board for election as Trustees.

Kevin Mahon, George Bardwell, Anita Manek, Martin Grossman, Nicky Heskin, Phillip Snell, and Jenny Stephany present themselves for re-election.

6   Chair’s Report (Joanne Daswani – AGM Paper 3)

7   Treasurer’s Report (Anita Manek – AGM Paper 4)

8   Carers’ Network Report (Jenny Stephany – AGM Paper 5)

9   Transport Report (Kevin Mahon – AGM Paper 6)

10   Pinn Medical Centre Report and Message from Partners (AGM Paper 7)

11   Concluding Remarks

12   Voting Return