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GPs at the Pinn Medical Centre have called for NHS England to rethink proposed cuts to the Walk-in Centre, otherwise 40,000 patients a year will be left with no other choice but A&E.

  • The Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is proposing a cut of £500,000 to The Pinn’s budget. That’s half the funding for The Pinn’s Walk-in-Centre.
  • The Pinn can’t simply reduce the service by half. Instead, there would be a significant decline in the quality of care offered to all patients – and lead to some being turned away.

Senior GPs at The Pinn – Amol Kelshiker, Isobel Bleehan, Mehul Lakhani and Jonathan Rudolph – highlight the real threat:

“We see 40,000 patients a year. You don’t need to book or be registered. If you’re ill, we’re ready to see you, 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year. No other Medical Centre in Harrow opens its doors in this way to serve this number of patients, or provides such a wide range of services.”

A&E does an excellent job in challenging circumstances, but if you’re a new mother with an ill baby, or someone with dementia, it can be an overwhelming place.

The Pinn takes the strain off A&E. It gets paid an average of £17 per patient, but the same patient seen at A&E costs the NHS over £120. It makes no sense to cut this service at a time when A&E is struggling, and other local walk-in centres have reduced their services.

Lives could be at risk if The Pinn is restricted to prebookable appointments only, as Alexandra Avenue is now.”

Even senior medical staff at Northwick Park Hospital have raised serious concerns about the possible closure of The Pinn’s walk in facility, as have local MPs.

Write to your local MP and tell them to raise the issue with Matt Hancock or NHS England.

You can do this by post (House of Commons, London SW1A 1AA) or by email:

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You can also write to your London Borough Councillor. Find their details at or

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