Members’ Survey

Dear Members of the Pinn Medical Centre Patients’ Association

We need your help.

We want to be the Patients’ Association you want us to be and we need your ideas to do it.

We will have a training day in a few short weeks to plan our future work. We would like you to fuel our discussion and let us know what sort of service we can provide now and in the future.

Attached to this letter is a very short and simple survey but the ideas you may provide in your answers may be as ambitious as you like. What seems obvious to you may not have occurred to us, what may seem difficult to you, may in fact be entirely feasible.

Following the AGM some time ago, we were able to appoint a full Board of Trustees – we are a diverse team and we would like to reach as many as our patients as we can with as many services we can provide.

You will recall, I’m sure, the email you will have received which described the present profile of the Board of Trustees. Our work had been seriously curtailed by the need to isolate. We did not stop our work entirely however and we continued to provide a service however limited by Covid-19. For example, we provided transport for patients so they may receive their Covid vaccination and for those few who were fortunate still to have hospital appointments; we helped the pharmacies deliver prescriptions; we shopped for some patients; we also delivered and redistributed food parcels for those families in the most vulnerable of categories; and we provided some online support for Carers of the cared-for at home.

Our Trustees also volunteered to assist at the Healthsense PCN Covid Vaccination Centre at the Tithe Farm Sportsground and at the Byron Hall National Covid Vaccination Centre housed at Harrow
Leisure Centre.

But we would like to do more.

Please let us know what sort of help or service you would like your Patients’ Association to provide. Tell us how we could be a responsive, effective and efficient help to you and your family, your friends or to the wider community.

Please complete the survey here and SUBMIT it to us. In any event, the deadline for us to review your responses in advance of our training day is SATURDAY 10 TH JULY.

I promise we will provide;

  • a report on what the survey revealed and
  • an action plan arising from your input and our deliberations.

Thank you very much indeed for your help.

Kevin Mahon
Chair – Pinn Medical Centre Patients’ Association