Election of Trustees at the AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Association on 15 June 2017 will include the Election of our Board of Trustees. Under our Constitution any Member of the Association may nominate themselves for election as a Trustee, and/or as a member of one of our sub-committees. The Board’s Role and Purpose is set out on this website (pinnpatients.org), which also contains previous Board Meeting Minutes. The four sub-committees are Membership and Communications; Marketing and Fundraising; Educational Talks and Workshops; and Transport, Shopping and Pinn Piper Distribution.

The nine Trustees currently on the Board are all seeking re-election for a further year, but that still leaves two vacancies. If you wish to seek election to the Board or membership of a sub-committee please let the Secretary know by 7 June 2017 using the Contact Us form on this website.  Please also send a brief summary of your details to be put to the Membership at the AGM (as an example a paragraph on each of our Trustees is also included in our website).