Covid Vaccination Volunteer FAQ

HealthSense Primary Care Network
Covid Vaccination Centre
Volunteer FAQ

Q. Will there be an induction meeting?
Yes, all workers on the site will have a site induction.

Q. Will there by team leaders and will they be clearly identified?
Yes, as a volunteer you will be managed by a volunteer champion. All staff/volunteers will be given lanyards to clearly identify their roles

Q. Will we have high viz vests?
Yes, all volunteers working outside the building will be issued with high viz vests

Q. Will we be expected to touch patients?
Patient physical contact will be kept to the very minimum and only where absolutely necessary

Q. Will we be offered the vaccine in order to safeguard ourselves and the patients?
The vaccine will be offered to volunteers where deemed clinically appropriate

Q. Will there be wheelchairs available on site?
Yes, wheelchairs will be provided

Q. Is there parking available?
Yes, volunteer parking is available at the rear of the building

Q. Will there be security in case of conflict?
There are no plans to provide security on site however there is CCTV and the local police are aware of this programme and may carry out site patrols

Q. Will there be refreshments available?
Refreshments will be provided for volunteers working a shift of 4 or more hours only

Q. Will we have access to toilets?
Yes, toilets are available

Q. Are we expected to arrive before the shift starts?
Yes, please arrive on site 15 mins before your shift start for briefing &/or handover

Q. What will I be expected to do?
Guide patients through the vaccination centre to the point where they leave

Q. How old do I have to be to volunteer?
Minimum age is 16, there is no upper age limit as long as you are fit and able to fulfil the role

Q. How do I know I am fit?
Please seek the advice of your gp in the first instance

Q. Will I risk catching the Virus?
All necessary health & safety checks will be implemented to control the risk of catching the virus. All workers will be issued with lateral flow test which they are required to complete at home. Workers will only be allowed on site if they have a negative result.

Q What days and times can I work?
Your volunteer lead will collate your availability and you will be rostered accordingly

Q. Will I be paid?
This is not a paid role

Q. How long will I need to commit to work?
We require volunteers to work a minimum of 2-4 hr shift pattern