Joanne Daswani


Elected as Trustee and Chair in 2015. Pinn Piper Editor

Joanne’s professional career spans three decades in education and industry as a teacher, executive leader and, in recent years, an Ofsted Inspector. An experienced strategic thinker, she has successfully designed and implemented various policies and systems to help organisations build capacity and deliver lasting improvements. She is also a mentor with a national charity that supports professionals from minority backgrounds new to leadership. Soon after being co-opted onto the PMCPA’s Management Committee in 2014, Joanne initiated and convened a meeting between Harrow MPs and members of both the Harrow CCG and Harrow Patient Partnership Network (HPPN) to address the issue of years of state underfunding for public health provision in Harrow. This meeting helped pave the way for a £15m increase to Harrow’s annual health budget.
Joanne is currently editor of the Pinn Piper and is also closely involved in developing and implementing the HPPN’s 3-year strategic plan. As Chair of the PMCPA, she is particularly keen to ensure more active participation of patients in improving and maintaining their health and well-being.