Jayant Doshi

Elected as a Trustee in 2021

Born in Kenya, I started work at young age but later studied at home and acquired two degrees. I moved to London in 1968 and started my own business. I have moved house several times and moved to Pinner three years back.

I have four daughters and four grandchildren. I complete 55 years of married life this year. I retired in 2001 and did a lot of travelling (including trekking) and followed several sports activities. I have been keeping myself busy with lots of activities but at the same time
devoting some time to community service work.  I did seven treks in Himalayas and two in Africa – and the high lights were Everest Base and Mt Kilimanjaro.

I had severe back pain 40 years back and doctors told me it will be for life. However, I took up yoga and cured my back pain. I started a charity organisation for senior citizens and my aim was to encourage members to learn yoga and keep themselves healthy and active.
Many members, especially single ones, and others who hesitate to go away on holidays appreciate holidays we plan and so many members join with lots of joy and enthusiasm. Last year we had a five-day holiday where two hundred members took part.

I joined as a volunteer driver for PMCPA.  I had to stop doing it because of the pandemic, but a few times I did volunteering it gave me great joy and satisfaction. I am hoping to be doing that work once we come of the present crisis.

I am hoping to be of help – in whatever way I can be – as part of the Board of Trustees of PMCPA.