2020 AGM – Top Table discussion

This page shows the different methods

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  • Easy embed of YouTube videos in website
  • Seamless sharing option on other platforms


  • Related video suggestions at the end aren’t relevant
  • Videos may take time to load or buffer



  • Higher quality videos
  • No pop-ups or advertisements
  • A popular option for professional documentaries and short films


  • No unlimited video uploads
  • A paid account is a must for playlist etc (£10 pcm or £76 annually)
  • Will probably need to ensure signoff before final upload

Vimeo Plugin

Self hosted


  • Privacy and Control
  • More control over appearance (No Youtube or Vimeo logo, branding etc) NB I can make this “prettier”
  • Keep visitors on your page (No ads or suggested videos at the end of the video)
  • It’s “free” (although a bit of a load for the servers!)


  • More server space (and speed) potentially required (if multiple people try to watch  video at the same time)
  • Potentially slower, less reliable playback
  • Not all web browsers are compatible with all video formats. Your video might play fine in Chrome, but have issues in Firefox or IE.
  • More hassle (if multiple formats supplied)
  • Already had to convert the Apple mov format (not compatible with Chrome etc)


Shared Google Drives

All Trustees will have access to a meeting Documents structure within their “shared with me” section in Google Drive.

For existing Trustees, this starts at the top level, Meeting Documents.

Any prospective Trustees can be addred to the Video Submissions folder to submit their MP4 videos